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Turn Ad Clicks Into Revenue with High-Converting Landing Pages

Create the perfect landing pages for your campaigns, track your results, and continually optimize your pages to get even more conversions out of your ad spend—all with one easy-to-use platform.

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3x your conversions

Your ad is only part of the equation. Where you send users after they click will determine whether they actually convert—or whether you just wasted hundreds (or thousands) of dollars. Build beautiful landing pages with a proven lead generation platform that boasts an average conversion rate that’s triple the industry average.

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Templates tailored to every objective

Whether you’re trying to secure registrations for your next event or selling your latest product, you’ll find landing page templates that are perfect for your unique goal. Every template is optimized for conversions so you can make the most of your marketing budget.

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Measure your progress

See traffic and conversion data right in your Leadpages dashboard and always know how each of your campaigns are performing. Seamlessly integrate with Google Analytics, Hotjar, and other analytics tools for even more insights.

Optimize your campaigns with split testing

Test different headline, image, and copy variations to ensure your landing pages are perfectly optimized for your audience. Watch your conversions and ROI tick up as you continually improve your landing page.

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